Friday, October 24, 2008

It's The Way...

I catch her looking at me and smiling when we're driving.
She responds to my touch when I curl up with her at night.
She whispers "I love you" when I pull her close in bed.

Small things like that let me know how loved I am by her. Those little things make all the difference in the world. I've also been smiling so much that my cheeks actually HURT! Definitely a good hurt though. I can't recall a time I ever smiled that much. Such a wonderful feeling.

My last post I talked about going to a costume party and to have pics up. Well I pretty much failed about getting those up here! My bad. I could say that I'll make it up by posting them up soon or posting them with pics from the Halloween party we're going to but lets be honest...we all know that's as likely as Ron Paul winning the elections from write in votes!

I'm currently in a state of confusion. Confusion about where I'm at and how I want to move forward in life. My job right now is very interesting and challenging, but I hate working 110 hours a pay period making a little more than my last job where I worked 80 hours. I want to keep this job but the pay is so low right now. I want to tough it out but my current financial situation will not allow that. I need to find a good paying job and find it fast. I've even considered taking on jobs that normaly wouldn't appeal to me as long as the money is there. I just have to keep looking and hope for the best...

Went to a few weddings lately. I must say they have been an absolute blast! I forgot how fun they can be (especially after a few drinks!). I kinda think Theary and I would be good wedding crashers since we're pretty social when drunk. =P Can't wait for the next one! Plus it's a good reason for me to get all dressed up and put on something other than cargo shorts. :P

That's about it for now. No promises for when the next post will be! =P


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