Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Foggy Mornings...

So I figured I'd start this early morning with a much needed blog.

I've been spending a lot of time with Theary lately. It's been really nice having her crash at my place so often. It's great holding her in my arms and watching her sleep. Or waking up to see her eyes barely open but watching me and smiling. Very comforting. Even when I toss and turn it's great to feel her rub my back or scalp till I fall back asleep. Although this damn hot weather makes it tough to cuddle!

A few weeks ago my Mom suggested that we should all get a place together! That definitely came out of nowhere but I'm pretty sure it's a good sign my mom really likes her. :P I'm not going to do it though. I'd rather move in just with Theary by ourselves or with another person we know (which may end up happening).

My friend has dropped the idea of moving to NYC later this year. I will admit that I am slightly relieved because I want to continue my PI work till I am certified. Then from there I'd like to look at possibly opening my own branch. In that vein things are going ok. The month has been very slow minute wise but I've been working a lot of hours. 110 hours on this last pay period. Craziness!

I've been reconnecting with a few friends that I have lost along the way. It feels so good to have them back in my life. I do miss talking to my friend from Canada though. There was a time where we practically chatted everyday while she was over in London. She would jokingly call me the work husband. Now she's back at home in Toronto and moved in with her boyfriend. Seems like they're doing great and I ask her about the live in life every chance I get so I can get a glimpse of what's to come. Our chatting is limited now to once or twice every other week or so. Pretty tough with our conflicting schedules but hopefully Theary and I can go up to visit sometime next year. Would be nice to see her and her man again especially since I've only seen her ONCE in the five years I've known her!! hahaha

Also reconnected with my close friend from when I worked at the Library. So glad I finally got around to this. What's great is that she knew that someday I'd come back into her life. Good to know she had some faith in our friendship!

So much more to say and go into but unfortunately I am restricted by the horrible HORRIBLE battery life on this laptop. Costume party coming up this saturday so I'll try and have pics
up the following week....HA!

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